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As I read the blog Why I Don’t Assign Homeworkby Dan Meyer I was struck by the comments. While the article is a controvercial issue of whether or not to assign homework the true value comes from the dialog that followed it. A piece like this would offer students a chance to see opposite points of view. The educational implications for this are great. Often students are given information and they just “learn it” without asking questions. This kind of forum will allow students to challenge their understanding and justify their opinions. Therefore, they will gain a greater understanding of the material being offered.

The post Teaching Brevity gives us a unique opportunity for us to see to how students feel about the process of education. Through Blog posts students are given a voice. This voice will help them to become more active adults in our society. The art of effectively articulting how you feel is an important skill that can be accomplished by teaching students how to post blogs. Their arguements against assigning a length to an essay could be used to teach how to write a persuasive piece of writing. The possibilities are endless.

I also read Questions for One of Our Favorite Authors: Grace Lin. This blog totally inspired me. The students posted questions for the author on their blog. Then the author posted the responses. What a unique experience for the students. Often times the experts are out of reach for most students, but this will allow them to become connected. Blog posts will allow students to become more engaged in their learning because they are being connected to unique experiences. The comments at the end of the blog were great too. Other teachers responded to the blog and asked how to be able to do this in their classrooms. This shared knowledge can benefit all students worldwide and will change the face of education.

I find the ideas in the blog post The Myth of the Digital Native to be interesting. As teachers we often feel that we are behind in what we know about the computers. Our only real obstacle is the fear of making a mistake. Kids, given the opportunity, will freely explore, but sometimes adults want to make sure they are doing the “right” thing. It is not the fact that they are better at understanding technology, it is that we have convinced ourselves that they are. The  writing in this blog, as well as many of the others, feels very much like a conversation.

Reading the blog Is This SSR, 2.0?really showed the excitement that can be felt about embarking in this new era of education. The enthusiasm of the teacher was evident and it can be shared by all. This is a blog that will change what I do in my classroom. Instead of the idea being stuck in his classroom, thanks to his blog, it can be shared with everyone. What an amazing opportunity for the field of education!

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  1. I also enjoyed hearing from the author and understanding how I can attach my young readers to their favorite book instantly. What a fabulous way to engage the reader and give them the opportunity to provide feedback directly to the author. I am very excited about what we can achieve!
    By the way, hope you and “the crew” are enjoying a relaxing summer. I look forward to sharing with you in the next weeks!


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